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JSource Training Solutions, LLC

Corporate Wellness

Domestic & Sexual Violence Workplace Preventive Training and Implementation; Trauma-Informed Approach Workshops and Business Solutions Setups.


I am pleased to have the opportunity to thank Cynthia Bennett for generously providing programming at  Gateway Homeless Shelter.  Cynthia has provided leadership for many Saturday Morning Empowerment Workshops.  Her presentations have been consistently informative and engaging.  As a person who has escaped domestic abuse and thrived,  she is able to present material in a real life context, and to connect with the audience  with  warmth,  empathy and hopefulness.  We are grateful for the wonderful workshops she has already presented, and look forward  to additional  workshops in the future.

Barbara Barnes Ph. D.

Gateway180 Homeless Shelter, Program Services Committee

JSource team building and training program was the turning point for the growth of our business and the structure of our team working together more efficient. They provided a dynamic combination of understanding the rules and regulations by assisting in creating a company handbook,  implementing training programs for leadership as well as employees, along with team building activities that were critical to our employees' morale and high job performance.  Ultimately,  our investment in JSource training program played a tremendous role in our success in employee retention and customer growth.” 

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